Monday, 2 May 2011

Quick Makes - Why can I Never Find Anything?????

Bank holiday Monday and trying to sort out my craft materials.  I am having a new kitchen and everything has had to be moved out our conservatory to make way for our new project.  So, I needed a card in a hurry and guess what?  Yes, I couldn't find anything to I wanted!!!!!!  Bought lots of new crafting stash recently but could I lay my hands on it - must get more organised!!!!!!!

Struggling at the minute with my crafting mojo and not being able to find anything was the last straw.  But after lots of faffing, here is the quick card I made - really simply but effective - just what I needed.

Off to start clearing out craft stash - might be a while as I hoard everything and a real messy crafter - hope I am not the only one?

Claire xxx

1 comment:

  1. lol... i am definitely a messy crafter and guess what i have been doing most of the day...yes tidying up so i could craft (and make a mess)...not sure how long it will stay tidy for but looks lovely at the minute...have fun!!!

    ps i love the simple card

    Sylvia x